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 Paradise Lost: The Big Easy Pact

"Paradise Lost" is the latest effect by Christian Chelman to be released, worldwide, in a LIMITED EDITION of only 500 copies!

Paradise Lost is Christian Chelman's masterpiece and an effect straight from his current professional repertoire, for the first time divulged to the fraternity. The effect, a co-production MPMagic.co.uk and Card-Shark.de, is not just explained in the accompanying booklet, but taught in detail: a first for a bizarre magick effect! All necessary material is provided as well, including some "hauntiques" that will otherwise be very difficult to source, as anybody who tried to replicate any effect from Chelman's books will well know.Paradise Lost

Your audience sees two sets of 6 of Spades and a blank card which mysteriously and repeatedly travels from one packet to appear in the other one: escaping the clutches of Hell to safety! The reason for this is explained by an eerie tale where your "oh-so-clever" cousin is outsmarted by the Devil himself as he didn't keep a pact he sealed in New Orleans. The effect is the final evolution of Pact, a trick first explained in English by Christian in his book, Capricornian Tales but the effect itself is a lesson in routining a text with magical techniques in order to create wonderment by the audience. Paradise Lost is the result of 40 years of experimentation by Christian Chelman.

If you want to have an idea of Christian Chelman's masterpiece, you can read this post on The Magic Café, although the story (which is 50% of any Bizarre Magick effect), sadly, doesn't convey the full magic the audience can experience.

The leaflet that comes with Paradise LostWhen you buy the effect, you receive a 24-pages booklet with clear and detailed instructions on how to perform the routine and how to integrate the techniques with the story; a set of custom playing cards (manufactured by Card-Shark.de especially for Christian); six antique multi-coloured doubloons that are essential to the story; and a specially-printed leaflet that will help you perform the routine. The buyer of the routine will also acquire non-exclusive performance rights for the effect for live performances and can use this effect for paid or unpaid engagements. This effect is not a magic trick "per se": it's a piece of theatre with a clearly defined text and performance instructions: you are buying a performance piece and not just some magic paraphernalia. The buyer will NOT, however, acquire the rights to television and Internet performances: these will have to be arranged directly with Christian Chelman. If this is a problem with you, please don't buy the effect: we prefer to have one less customer rather than an un-satisfied customer. The effect is suitable for close-up and parlour performances and requires to be performed on a tabletop: it has not been designed to be performed in theatres.

The technical side of the routine is in the realm of any intermediate card-handler skills: it requires the knowledge of the Elmsley and Jordan counts that are not explained in the booklet. All other techniques used are all clearly explained.

If you want to acquire a copy of Paradise Lost, please click the PayPal button for your region: you can use your credit card with PayPal and you don't even have to be registered with PayPal to buy the effect.